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Amazon Growth

Build the business of your dreams selling on Amazon.

What if your online business attracted droves of engaged buyers, increased your income like whoa, and gave you the time and independence to enjoy your dream life?

Here’s a secret: It can.

Don’t you shake your head (I can sense your head-shake).




“I was looking for a way to make extra money at home…” – Christine Krogue, estimated $2.3 million in sales per year


Does any of this sound familiar?…


Hustling like crazy with little result. You’re throwing all your time and money into job hunting, resumes, social media, and advertising yourself. Heck, you just don’t know if you have another resume submission in you!


Unsure how to start your business and reach your ideal audience. You know the buyers are out there, but how do you get them to notice you? You feel like you don’t know where to start, or maybe you’ve tried every strategy on Google, but haven’t seen the traction or growth that “big eCommerce businesses” seem to find so easily.


Losing your motivation. You worry that there are just too many “experts” online already. You find yourself asking, “how many shops or sellers does the world really need?” You’re worried you won’t be able to stand out and make a difference above all the noise.


Frustrated by all the conflicting information. You’re sick of wasting time trying to research how to make your business bloom. You keep hearing the same outdated, lame-sauce advice. You want something that will work NOW (not in 2009).


Sick of working at a job that doesn’t fulfill your true purpose. You spend 9-5 thinking about your creative passion, wishing your business was your day job instead. #BeenThere


Did you raise your hand to any (or all) of the above? Good. You are SO in the right spot.

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The truth is, nothing changes if nothing changes. Meaning, if you want to hit your overachiever goals, create the life and business you’ve dreamed of, and lead an ever-growing community of buyers interested in your products…then you need to do something DIFFERENT than what you’ve already been doing.

I want you to take a moment and imagine a world where you could…


Dramatically grow your business in less than FIVE hours per week. Constantly draw in new folks who are excited about what you have to sell  and can’t wait to come back for more.


Authentically stand out above the noise. Your brand becomes the go-to hub and resource in your niche. People see your brand as a leader and you fall asleep knowing that you’re customers are happy with your products.


Continually grow your business in an organic way that’s totally automated (say whaaa?). Say goodbye to spending hours on promotion or thousands on ads. You’ll see consistent growth fo’ free.


Have extra hours in your day to create amazing content, brainstorm new ideas, launch new products, engage with your audience and spend time enjoying life away from your business, knowing it will continue growing even in your absence. Since your marketing is automated, you have time for the stuff that truly matters (and that you enjoy!).


Feel confident in your strategy. No more second guessing or spending hours on pointless research. You know that what you’re doing is efficient and effective and you have the numbers to prove it!


Turn your online business into your full-time career. You’ve achieved what most people aren’t willing to do: start your own successful business by leveraging your new audience and potential.


Yep. F’real.

Get this, bud — you can achieve ALL of this success by simply using Amazon 



I want to introduce you to my secret weapon: Amazon Growth.



Discover ALL the strategies I’ve taught to over 1,500 other Amazon Growth students — strategies that will dramatically grow your sales and customer list, fast. 


This is the same system used to grow monthly sales to 50,0000+ and expand an email list to over 15,000 subscribers. 

And the best part? I’ll show you how to attract the RIGHT kind of buyers — ones who buy, leave reviews, and become engaged customers. We’re not just trying to “grow your sales” here. We’re growing your sales and audience with intention, yo.


Meet Steve


“I started Seismic Audio when I was 23 years old. I was going to school and waiting tables—literally trying to make beer money for the weekend.  This year, I’m on pace to do $10 million worth of sales, so it’s really been a wild ride. It turned into a career I never thought I would be in. I’m very happy with where we are today.”







Let me take you back to what my brand and business were like BEFORE I discovered my Amazon system.


I was BURNT out.  At the time, I was hustling side gigs and grasping at ideas for what to sell, selling maybe five units per month and running 40+ social media promotions per WEEK.   I loved my business and the tiny (tiny) community I grew, but after two years of consistent pushing with little overall growth, I wondered what I was doing wrong.


How do other eCommerce stores seem to grow their tribe so easily?


So, as a last ditch effort to grow my community, I started experimenting on Amazon.


At the time, I had mainly used Amazon for personal use.  I used Amazon prime for household items I liked, clothes I wanted to wear, and things I needed to use. (Sound familiar?).

So, I changed my mindset. Experimented with different ideas. And what happened?


My sales increased to 20,000 in three months.



My customer list shot up to 3,000 subscribers in four months after being stagnant for almost a year.



And all of this helped me 10x (!) my revenue in just one year.



Today, 1.5 years after implementing my proven Amazon system, my brand + business have grown to 300,000 in sales and to over 15,000 subscribers. Unheard.of.

So, if Amazon is so great, why isn’t EVERYONE seeing game-changing results?


I asked myself that same question, too. But the reason is because…


Most people are using it the wrong way.

Amazon is one of the most underutilized and powerful selling platforms you can use, no matter which niche you’re in, but it won’t provide results if you don’t know how to use it strategically.

Here’s the deal: most people clump Amazon in as an eCommerce site, like Walmart or Etsy.


Amazon is NOT an eCommerce site. It’s a search engine. Which means you have to use different strategies to outsmart it. (But when you DO use them, you’ll have an unstoppable advantage).


Once you start using the system I teach in Amazon Growth, it will completely transform your business (and life!).


You’ll have a larger customer base. Heaps more traffic. Plenty email subscribers. And new opportunities coming in everyday from your increased exposure. Things like social engagements, brand partnerships, collaborations with influencers, and more.

Amazon Growth helped me to realize how many potential sales I was missing out on. In five months, my revenues have quintupled (what a fun word!) from about 3,000 to over 15,000 per month. I am continuing to use these strategies and know that my business will continue to grow. I can’t recommend this course enough!

– Jackie

My business revenue has more than doubled, shooting from 5,000 sales per month to over 12,000 in just over a month! I also think there’s a big correlation in my newsletter subscribers, as my list has almost doubled in size as well! I’m going to have to upgrade my ConvertKit plan pretty soon. 😉

– Erin

Solely by using Amazon Growth’s tactics I have grown my Amazon sales revenue by almost 5,000  and am now averaging close to 500 new sales per week. Last month, I easily surpassed 10,000 sales which I 100% attribute to the awesomeness that is Amazon Growth.  The best part about this course is that I have been able to achieve exponential growth by doing something I was already doing in my spare time – I just needed the right guide to focus my selling. Thank you!

– Rosie

Meet Alfred


“My wife told me she wanted to quit her job… We started selling on Amazon 4 and a half years ago, in the year 2016 we targeted $25 million in revenue.  eCommerce changed the fashion industry a lot – we are reaching millions of customers immediately.  If your design is good, if you have quality, if you have character – it will take off.”


What’s included, you ask?



Let’s take a look at what you’ll learn in each of the 5 modules and bonuses:


Learn how to define your target audience, choose your products, focus on what makes YOUR products unique (so your competition becomes irrelevant), and discover how to create killer listings that reflects and promotes your brand.


Amazon users decide in a matter of SECONDS if they want to make a purchase or not. Discover how to make a charismatic, irresistible first impression so you can attract the RIGHT buyers, quickly and efficiently.



I’ll show you how to define your brand in a way that wins on Amazon. You’ll learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to marketing on Amazon, as well as how to design gorgeous listings that convert.



Did you know that most of your customers probably aren’t seeing your products EVER? That’s because Amazon has a sophisticated algorithm called A9. I’ll teach you how to outsmart it so you can rapidly grow your organic reach on Amazon (i.e. more traffic, clicks, and buyers!).



No reviews on Amazon? No problem. I’ll teach you how to leverage OTHER people’s products in order to increase your reviews and put your growth on auto pilot.



I’ll walk you through how to use the Amazon advertising platform and strategies to create and place your ads. The strategies I teach in this module will become the tipping point for your traffic and sales — get ready to achieve MASSIVE growth…in less than 5 hours of working on this part per week.



The strategies in Amazon Growth will send heaps of new visitors to your products. Now, it’s your job to make sure they buy and then stick around.  I’ll show you how to use Amazon + your website to exponentially grow your email list, fast (this system grew my email list by 15,000 subscribers in one year!).



Learn how to interpret your Amazon analytics AND Google analytics (for when you create a separate site) so you can make the right tweaks to your strategy for even more growth. (Plus, once you start seeing growth, you won’t want to STOP checking your analytics). 😉


Want bonuses? You got it.



Registering for Amazon Growth will not only give you access to all five modules plus course bonuses, with tutorials, transcripts, and worksheets, but you’ll also get even more bonuses, for free. Including…



Lifetime access and FREE updates to the course.

I regularly check the course to see if there’s anything I can add or improve.  You will always have access to the most up-to-date information and strategies, fo’ free. PLUS, the course has JUST been updated with brand new tutorials and added strategies. I gotchu covered.




Meet John

I started in my dad’s woodshed with 600 bucks. My dad didn’t think it was that great, so [I] moved to Public Storage and then that snowballed.  We’ll do several million dollars in sales this year. The amount that we’re accelerating on Amazon is several times the rate that we’re accelerating on other platforms.















If there is one course I believe in, it’s Amazon Growth.  Since going through the course, I have gained over 4,000 customers and my sales have grown by 700%.  Plus, 75% of my traffic is now coming from Amazon!  This course is truly amazing.

– Marianna

Since starting Amazon Growth two weeks ago, Amazon has become my top traffic earner!  Not to mention: this Amazon traffic is hardcore engaged. My sales have increased 155%, and my email list has DOUBLED!  I’m really kind of freaking out to be seeing results this quickly.  I’m super happy that I took the course and I want to share it with everyone I know!!


My Amazon account has gone from 1,400 sales to 8,900 sales in less than five months, and my number of monthly website visitors has more than doubled during that time…from 2,000 to 7,000 people.

I have taken many courses to help improve my sales, and Amazon Growth has definitely provided the best results.

– Wanda

You’ve got two choices here…



You could keep trying to figure all of this stuff out on your own (which often takes even the most hard-working and intelligent people years to do).




You could steal my strategies and get massive results in a matter of weeks.


Think about where you want to be six months from now…or even ONE month from now.


Do you have a proven plan to get there?


You can use the step-by-step process I teach in Amazon Growth to help you achieve your sales and customer-building goals faster than you thought was possible.


What will you choose?




Who is Amazon Growth for?


Beginners AND advanced sellers. If you want more sales and customers, then this course will help you get there, no matter where you’re starting from.


People who want to lead their own tribe. You want to grow a customer base, yesterday. You’re ready for strategies that actually help you build a thriving community (and that don’t cost you a dime!).


People who want to rapidly grow their email list.  You’re itching to grow your email list because you know it’s an essential part of your business.  One day, you’d love to launch new products … but you know that you need an email list to do it.


Busy bees! You’re busy with a job, family, or other obligations and you’d LOVE to find a system that grew your sales and customers on autopilot (so you could spend more time doing things you love with people you love).



Who is Amazon Growth NOT for?


“Get rich quick” wannabes. This program isn’t for people who think that buying a course will suddenly help them earn millions. You have to put in the work to see results.

Businesses that aren’t interested in growing. Do you sell “for fun”, but don’t really care about growing your sales or email list? This course is specifically created to help you grow your tribe and sales, so this is probably not the best fit for you.


Meet Elena


I started in a one-bedroom apartment with a credit card.  I had no backing, nothing.  We went from $0 to over $10 million.















Amazon Growth combines my very best Amazon strategies into a full-proof system that has worked for over 1,500 AG students. I’m confident you’ll LOVE this course, too. But if for some reason you don’t, then I’ll gladly give you a full refund within 30 days.


30 days?! You betcha! Unlike most courses that only offer 14 day guarantees (Or *gasp!* No guarantee at all!), I want to give you time to try my strategies and start seeing results. I am more than confident that this course will work for you, just as it’s helped thousands of other Amazon Growth students.



Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?
You betcha! If you finish the course, implement my strategies, and don’t see any results, then you can email me within 30 days of purchase (1 whole month!) for a full refund.
How long do I have access to this course?
Forever, my friend! Register for Amazon Growth once and you’ll have lifetime access to the course materials, which will continuously be updated with any new strategies, videos, and course materials.
What format is the course content delivered in?
Good question! The course materials are shared as tutorials, transcripts, and a course workbook.
Could I just find this information for free online?
You can find just about anything online these days, but does that mean it’s actually valuable? No sir! One of the reasons I created this course is because there is so much incorrect and outdated information online about how to use Amazon strategically.
As you might know, Amazon is constantly evolving and being updated. Which means that an article on Google can become outdated and incorrect in a matter of months.
Amazon Growth will always be updated with the latest strategies, so you never have to worry about being fed information that doesn’t work.
This course would be a big investment for me. Is it really worth the price?
I’ll let one of my students, Lydia, answer that for you: “I sell lesser priced items and believe you should really spend your money wisely so the fact that I would spend about $400 on a course is like ‘WHAT?’ But I did it because I know you have to invest into your business in order to make money and I knew it would be good! I don’t regret it one bit.  Amazon Growth is worth that and more!”
Lydia is right. The course may be an investment, but imagine how much time and money you could be wasting by NOT enrolling in this course.

After implementing the advice from Amazon Growth, Amazon is now by far my biggest source of income. I get in the range of 100-150 sales a day from Amazon alone, and I had my first month of hitting 100,000 in sales! I have also seen a steady increase in the number of reviews on Amazon from 15 pre-Amazon Growth to now over 600 and counting. All within a couple of months! Your strategies have been epic.

– Gemma

I’ve been working through Amazon Growth for only 15 days and already I’ve seen a 41% increase in sales, 55% average increase in repeat buyers, and Amazon is already my #1 referrer! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the course brings!


I knew that this course would rock, let me tell you, this course is worth every. single. penny. It’s fun, engaging and full to the brim with secret Amazon strategies.

This doesn’t just share tips for Amazon, but also how to create a brand that stands out. Amazon Growth has not only given me the tools I need to grow my business using Amazon, but has also re-ignited inspiration and excitement for my business and brand.


It’s your time to do BIG things.


If you want to grow your audience, increase your traffic, and explode your sales, then Amazon Growth is the step-by-step system you need to make it happen, fast.

Sign up now for instant access!



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